About Us

Originally built in 1966, the park has been developed twice and is still owned and operated by the original owners who are the longest serving continuous operators in Australia.

The site of the tourist park is rich in history. It is believed to be the site of the original crossing of the Pioneer River by early settlers to access the northern side of Mackay. The crossing, some of which remains, include a stone causeway which was only accessible at low tide. Evidence of a butcher shop and market garden on the northern bank are visible.

On the site, the original house which was old and vacant in 1966 had a veranda right around with a pyramid type roof and a well in the center of the house for water supply of its occupants. This house was sited at the north/west corner of the tourist park.

Back in 1966, caravanners were called “gypsies” by some – now affectionally known as grey nomads.

The land of the Central Tourist Park is the 2nd freehold block of land of Mackay and the 10,000th freehold block of land in Queensland.

The park has cyclone proof amenities block and laundry especially built for shelter for caravenners safety during tropical cyclones.

The Central Tourist Park is also the first fully sewered park in Queensland.

The park is also known as the lucky park with division one lotto being won twice by two different tenants of the park.